Home Stories Is the story of a Haji Sahib he was very sick.

Is the story of a Haji Sahib he was very sick.

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Is the story of a Haji Sahib he was very sick.

Four bottles of water were extracted from the stomach every week for years
Now they are washing their kidneys were removed.

Slice half of their food at one time. I face a lot of trouble breathing.
The weakness may not need to prop it so.

Chaudhry took a day to visit them?
They welcome Chaudhry waved from a distance they looked very surprised to walk without support.

While walking around the tasted planted in the lawn.
Then smiling, sitting in front of them.
In healthy people, as he strained his neck.

Chaudhry said that this miracle happen?
No medicine, no prayer, no telepathy, no therapy. Finally showed it to perfection.

Haji Sahib
I have a copy in my hand, that all the world will know if Dr. Hakim become unemployed.

Prjayyn the hospital be closed and locked all the medical stores.

Chaudhry was more surprised that in the end this is what the prescription in their hands.
Haji Sahib said that my mother died employee.
My sons have temporarily given to a six year old child my service.
I asked a child to whom compulsion on you to serve pry’bch been so quiet sob, then I filled out a day tha’myry mother, father, brother, at this age, Sister All were swept away in flood
My cattle livestock ‘relatives had occupied on the ground.
Now I am not in the world.

I am responsible for your service in exchange for food and clothing of the time.
There it was the heart of Haji Sahib content them and asked what are you doing baby son srhla yes.

Said the manager tasted the good of the child
Admitted to the school.

His prayers that the child was admitted to the effect ‘
Nature has been kind.
I ate their fill after three years.
The doctor and family were shocked.

The next day, orphaned children enrolled in hostel
Washed and turned on the support of the toilet, the manager without Then he added five children for whom there is no city in the world.

Then children were brought
He was also admitted to the same school.
God has blessed and running today without your support.

I’m fed up and drink and laugh cleared. He did the first breast tasted the rose beds

And now he will not magicians until the baby would not stand on their feet.
Haji Sahib stopped near the rose beds
The language and have a wonderful phrase: –

‘Nature’ orphans has been long under the shadow of ualydrktun

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