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African women on their mission to light up their village

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After the war of long-term war, the restoration of their economy and its infrastructure, or say that a long time is required to stand on their feet.




In this era every country in the country, whether they are educated or not, belong to any sector, employment through any means, without having gender and age differences, it is a daunting task to make the country war Can be removed from the destruction.

Continental Africa is an unfortunate region in the sense that most of the countries have been confused in bloody conflicts and civil war for a long time. That is why Africa is counted in the third world where the basic facilities of life are also disadvantaged, and everywhere are shadow of hunger, poverty and fear.


The country of West Africa is also the country that has been a long civil war since 1989 to 1997. Six million people were killed in this war.

The country has not yet been able to handle the devastation of the war that another civil war started in 1999, which apparently was fighting for democracy in Liberia, but this war also gave birth to baby turtle agriculture, economy and Infrastructure Destroyed.

These civil warriors also stole the basic needs of the people from the people. Far from poverty, unemployment and ignorance is dark.

Two long civil warriors have also lost the country from the blessing of electricity. Today, only 10% of this destructive country is such a basic facility of modern era, electricity.

The island of Liberia is also a village where there is a power grid, but during the civil war, since which villagers light their homes with battery-lanes.

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Here are some happy residents who are happy with their homes with generators.

The center of energy source is an adjacent island, which is called ‘540’ in the local language. Actually, after the end of the civil war, Liberian troops were paid $ 540 for surrendering, and most of the beneficiaries who benefit from the island’s facility are the soldiers who are more prosperous than their homeland. .

This village would be drowned in the dark, if the United Nations did not support their support.

The UN Women’s Women’s UN Women thought of solar energy sources to supply these villages.

However, the problem was that if solar panels are installed here, who will take care and repair them? Then the UN Women listened to women here for this purpose.

After the launch of the project, some women from Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania were selected in addition to Liberia, which were trained to handle solar panels. Now these women are called solar engineers.


Before the arrival of solar, the villagers used to lighten their houses with lanterns which were dangerous to both the health and the environment.

However, due to the presence of women solar engineer in the village, a large part of the village has become a light source of light.

These women work in panels in various houses of the village. In addition to the houses where these panels are installed, they are repaired and repaired in case of any disorder.


After the end of civil war in Liberia, those women in the village also started making peace tensions or money-hots, whose trend spread throughout the country. These slums hate to fight and promote peace.


The status of these hoops is like the Lord of the Subcontinent, the only difference is that Africa’s spell is for women.


Now, while many rural areas have become bright for the solar energy, these hinges take place in the night at the time where women study, talk about each other’s problems and their solutions, and some moments are available.


These women are determined to train women of other backward parts of the country after training of solar engineers so that the darkness over the whole country and Liberia becomes a bright country again.


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