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Monsoon season is a very romantic season. But you may face problems while going outside because wearing stylish dresses in monsoon season is not a good idea.

But what if we say you can wear even your stylish dresses in monsoon. Just take these 6 monsoon accessories and go outside carefree looking like a diva.

1- Use waterproof phone cover

If you want to go outside and enjoy the rain or you have some work to do just go carefree with your phone. You need to protect your phone by using waterproof phone cover. If you have waterproof phones just go for dry bags for your phones.

2- Choose footwear carefully

Choose your footwear very carefully. Because when you wear heels or similar footwear which can easily slip, you may face problems while walking. So, choose your footwear carefully and go for flat and comfortable ones.

3- Raincoats

Stay-stylish in this monsoon by choosing a stylish raincoat. You have many options like balloon raincoat, transparent raincoat, etc. just choose according to your comfort and enjoy rains at the most. Raincoat saves you from rain and also provides you a stylish looks.

4- Umbrella

Next time when you go outside, go with an umbrella. Choose your stylish and colorful umbrella and enjoy the monsoon season in your style.

5- Scarves

Scarves can work as the biggest saviors. You can choose multi-color scarves or different fabrics and cotton’s scarves as well. They give you a stylish look as well as save you from the rain.

6- Use PVC bags

Use PVC bags for your safety. PVC bags help you to contain your accouterments with safety. When you go outside just use PVC bag for your belongings. You look cool and stylish with these bags.

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