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How to make apple facial mask?

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Hydrating Mask

Puree the apple in a food processor, blender, or any other appliance used to puree food. (Leaving the peel on the apple is optional.)

Add the warm milk, and mix until blended.

 Add the egg yolk and break it a bit. Next, mix it in and be sure to bind all three ingredients together.

If you see that your mixture is a bit too runny, add a bit of oatmeal to make it more spreadable.

Spread the mixture on your face. Using the back, curved part of a spoon is the easiest way.

Leave on for 10-15 minutes, and wash/rinse it off with warm water.

Pat dry with a towel.


Clarifying Mask

Blend the apple using any food processor.

Add the wet ingredients. Put in the honey and lemon juice. Blend it up.

Add the flour. This will thicken the mixture. Blend until smooth.

Put it on your face. Smooth it over your face, making sure to cover everything.

Keep it on for 15 minutes.

Wash it off with warm water and pat with towel.

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